Mario Lopez, Gamelife and Destructoid: A match made in Viva Pinata heaven
Viva Pinata Party with Mario Lopez Gamelife and Destructoid team up to bring you the first GameLife Xtra: coverage of the World's Biggest Pinata Party for Xbox 360's Viva Pinata - December 2, 2006 in Santa Monica, CA. Interviews with Mario Lopez, game producer Steve Brand, and more.

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GameLife Episode 10: Next-Gen Launch Special
GameLife Episode 10 *NOTE: This special 13-minute episode contains minor microphone problems that caused excessive static at some parts of the show.* GameLife goes on the road for the Wii and PS3 launch parties. Look for first-hand interviews, line coverage, game impressions, and much more! Be sure to look for an interview with a famous actor somewhere in this episode. Enjoy!

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More GameLife On MTV Overdrive's G-Hole
GameLife on MTV G-Hole Yet another segment from the GameLife crew is up on MTV's Overdrive. This time we review Prey for the XBOX 360. Look for more installments down the line
 » GameLife's Prey review for the G-Hole
GameLife Episode 9 Has Arrived
GameLife Episode 9 Episode 9 marks the first time Andrew is not included in the intro or outro, although he is reviewing Jet Force Gemini. Dave is reviewing our first sports game with Nascar 07 and Alex hits up the highly antipicated GTA clone Saints Row. Melissa spends more time at the game store and brings home LocoRoco to review for the show. All this and the return of guest reviews make this an episode you don't want to miss!

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Generation Gamerz interviews GameLife!
Generation Gamerz Recently, Dave and Andrew sat down with Generation Gamerz for a indeph interview about GameLife and the outside world. Find out something you may have not known about Andrew and Dave.

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GameLife on WFNX On Friday morning GameLife was on The Swasey Show on WFNX in Boston to promote GameLife. The full interview can be heard on the podcast page. This clip is courtesy of WFNX Boston.

• GameLife on WFNX Recording • WFNX Boston Live!
GameLife in The Phoenix

GameLife on KikizoThe media blitz continues as Mike Miliard sat down with Alex, Andrew, and Dave to write an article for the Boston Phoenix. Be sure to read the most in-depth article yet.

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Kikizo Interviews GameLife
GameLife on KikizoAfter almost 3 months later, Kikizo finally posted an interview they conducted with Andrew, Alex, and Dave at E3 06. Be sure to watch this 10 minute long in-depth interview.

• Watch Kikizo Interview the GameLife Crew