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Among Us
App NameAmong Us
Latest Versionv.2024.3.5
Last Updated
PublisherInnersloth LLC
Requirements Android Android 6.0 and upAndroidAndroid 6.0 and up
Size639 MB
  • Mega Menu, Unlocked
Google Playstore

5.5 Rating (368) Votes

5.5 Rating (368 Votes )
Price: $ 0
  • Enhance your Among Us gaming experience with this comprehensive MOD, providing a wide range of features and functionalities to explore. From player menu options to host controls and account modifications, this MOD unlocks various aspects of the game. Follow the installation guide to seamlessly integrate these enhancements into your gameplay.MOD Features:Player Menu:
    • Access player information
    • Activate no clip mode
    • Move during meetings
    • Spam reports during meetings
    • Unlimited emergency meetings
    • Eliminate meeting cooldowns
    • Close and open doors at will
    • No cooldowns for impostor door actions
    • Ability to move in vents
    • Sabotage lights and repair sabotages
    • Teleport inside and outside the map
    • Spectate players
    • See shadows through walls
    • Adjust movement speed and torch distance
    • Pick fake roles
    • View ghosts and chat with them
    • Sabotage with cooldowns
    ESP Menu:
    • Display lines to different player types, including crewmates, impostors, scientists, engineers, guardian angels, shape-shifters, and ghosts
    Host Menu:
    • Modify player roles
    • Eliminate players
    • End game scenarios for both impostors and crewmates
    • Activate unique voting options like Uno Reverse Vote and Anti Vote
    • Redirect votes to a selected color
    • Automatically complete tasks
    Everyone's Name Editor (Host):
    • Customize player names with text effects and RGB sliders
    Account Menu:
    • Change in-game name
    • Enable free chat
    Passive Features:
    • Keep chat always visible
    • Unlock various cosmetic items such as hats, name plates, pets, skins, and visors
    • Obtain all in-app purchases
    Troubleshooting: If encountering issues such as disconnect errors or black screens, follow these steps:
    1. Uninstall the MOD
    2. Install the original game from Google Play
    3. Allow the original game to download asset packs
    4. Remove the original APK
    5. Reinstall the MOD

The Among Us Mod APK can be found on Google Play. However, it’s important to note that the store offers Among Us mods, but this website is not officially affiliated with Among Us or its developer, Innersloth.

Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter

Among Us, the sensation of 2020, continues to captivate players with its thrilling and suspenseful gameplay. In this online survival action game set within the confines of a spaceship, you must uncover the killer lurking among the crew while ensuring you don’t get ejected into the vacuum of space.

Exciting New Mission Added: Vent Clean!

Venturing into diverse environments, players encounter specific quests tailored to each setting. A recent addition, the Vent Clean mission, adds a new layer of intrigue. As the name suggests, players must cleanse the vents, a notorious haunt of Impostors. This task significantly impacts gameplay dynamics by preventing Impostors from utilizing vents, potentially revealing their true identities.

Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter
Among Us Mod Apk Always Imposter

Engage in Thrilling Levels

Customizing game parameters adds depth to the experience. Hosts can adjust player and Impostor counts, reveal enemy identities upon ejection, and tweak kill cooldowns, shaping the game’s challenge. Inspired by the classic werewolf game, players are assigned roles as either Crewmates or Impostors. Crewmates strive to eliminate all Impostors by collecting clues, while Impostors aim to equal their numbers for victory.

Strategic Gameplay and Deduction

Distinguishing between Crewmates and Impostors is vital, as their abilities and objectives differ. Impostors possess superior night vision but are unable to perform tasks, unlike Crewmates. They must fabricate tasks to avoid suspicion, while Crewmates diligently complete objectives, some of which leave visible cues. Utilizing observation tools like security cameras aids in identifying suspicious behavior.

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Collaborate or Confront

Communication and deduction are key components during meetings. Players discuss suspicions and cast votes, eliminating those deemed guilty. Surviving players continue as ghosts, completing unfinished tasks. With matches accommodating 4 to 15 players, room creation requires careful balancing to ensure fair gameplay. Personalization options, including color schemes and accessories, add a fun touch to character customization.

Join the Adventure with Countless Others

Among Us thrives on its online multiplayer experience, enabling players to connect with friends or strangers. Whether joining existing matches or hosting new ones, the game offers endless opportunities for intrigue and suspense.

In conclusion, Among Us Mod APK offers an immersive space werewolf experience, blending strategy, deduction, and social interaction for an unforgettable gaming adventure.

The Among Us “Always Impostor” mod menu is a freely available modification for Android devices, enabling players to consistently assume the role of the Impostor in the game. In Among Us, a group of 4 to 15 players collaborates to prepare a spaceship for departure, but one player is secretly designated as the Impostor, whose objective is to eliminate the other players. Crewmates can achieve victory by completing assigned tasks or by democratically voting to eject the Impostor from the ship.

Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack No Kill Cooldown
Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack No Kill Cooldown

Here are some videos showcasing the Among Us “Always Impostor” mod menu:

“2024||Among us MOD MENU[Part-2]”: This video provides insights into using the “Always Impostor” mod menu for Among Us version 2024.1.9.
“New Hack on Among Us PC v2023.11.28 Secret Unlocker”: This video demonstrates the functionality of the “Always Impostor” mod menu tailored for Among Us PC version 2023.11.28.
“2024||Among us MOD MENU–How to use it”: This video offers instructions on utilizing the “Always Impostor” mod menu for Among Us on both Android and iOS platforms, featuring no kill cooldown.
These videos serve as guides for players interested in utilizing the “Always Impostor” mod menu to enhance their gaming experience in Among Us.

To install a mod for Among Us, follow these steps:

Download the mod and unzip it.
Navigate to the game’s installation directory.
Copy the unzipped files into the Among Us directory.
Launch the game.
If the mod has been installed successfully, you’ll see its name displayed in the top left corner of the menu screen.
As for increasing your chances of becoming the Imposter in Among Us, there’s no guaranteed method. However, you can try these steps:

Open the Among Us application.
Enter a character name.
Select the desired number of imposters for the game.
Create the game with these settings.
Wait for other players to join the room.
Once in the game lobby, choose your character color.
Be patient and keep playing to increase your chances of being selected as the Imposter.
Remember, these steps may not ensure you become the Imposter every time, as it’s ultimately determined by the game’s mechanics.

Among us mod menu always imposter
Among us mod menu always imposter

Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack No Kill Cooldown

The “Among Us Mod APK Always Imposter Hack No Kill Cooldown” is a modification menu designed for the game Among Us, available for both Android and iOS platforms. This mod menu alters the game mechanics, granting impostors unlimited range and eliminating the cooldown period between kills.

Videos showcasing this mod menu can be found on YouTube, with titles such as “NO KILL COOLDOWN & INFINITE RANGE IMPOSTERS (Among Us)” and “Among Us Mod Menu Android/iOS – Always Imposter – No Kill Cooldown.”

In the original Among Us game, crewmates aim to achieve victory by either completing assigned tasks or voting out the impostor(s) from the spaceship. Impostors, on the other hand, attempt to eliminate crewmates and create alibis by utilizing sabotage.

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Among us mod menu always imposter

The “Among Us Mod Menu” is a modification for the game that alters its mechanics, allowing players to always know who the Impostor is and granting them additional advantages such as wallhack and no kill cooldown. This mod is accessible for both Android and iOS platforms.

Several videos showcasing the capabilities of this mod have surfaced online:

“Among Us Mod Menu -” demonstrates features like revealing the Impostor, wallhack, and ensuring players are always the Impostor.
“NEW AMONG US CHEAT 2024 | Mod menu + imposter everytime” highlights the mod’s ability to consistently assign players the role of Impostor.
“Among Us AlwaysImpostor -” not only reveals the Impostor but also offers extras like free hats and pets, alongside eliminating the kill cooldown.
“2024||Among us MOD MENU[Part-2]” likely provides further insights into the mod’s functionalities.
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Among us mod menu

To install the mod menu for Among Us on iOS and Android, follow these steps:

Obtain additional plugin files: You’ll need two or three plugin files to enable the mod menu. Refer to instructional videos on platforms like YouTube for guidance on acquiring these files.

Launch Among Us: After acquiring the necessary plugin files, open the Among Us game.

Access the Mod Menu: Look for the “Among Us” tab, typically located in the top left corner of the screen. The mod menu should be visible there.

Switch Beta to Public (for Steam version): If you’re playing on Steam, adjust your beta settings from “Normal” to “Public.” This can be done by right-clicking on Among Us in your Steam library, selecting “Properties,” and then navigating to the beta settings.

Initiate a Game Session: Start a game session by hosting a game from another device, such as your smartphone, or from a computer using software like Bluestacks.

Toggle Cheat GUI: Press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to toggle the cheat graphical user interface (GUI) on and off during gameplay.

It’s important to note that modifying games, including installing mod menus, may violate the terms of service of the game and could result in penalties or bans from the game’s developers. Additionally, always be cautious when downloading and installing files from unofficial sources, as they may pose security risks to your device.

Among us mod apk always imposter hack

There is no guaranteed method to always become the Imposter in Among Us due to the random role assignment process in the game. However, you can attempt the following steps to increase your chances of becoming the Imposter:

Launch the Among Us application.
Enter your desired character name.
Select the number of imposters for the game.
Set up the game with your preferred settings.
Wait for other players to join the room.
Choose your character color from the available options.
Optionally, consider installing mods for Among Us. To do this:
a. Download the mod and extract its files.
b. Navigate to the game’s installation directory.
c. Add the extracted mod files to the Among Us directory.
d. Launch the game.
e. If the mod is correctly installed, its name will appear in the top-left corner of the menu screen.
By following these steps, you may improve your chances of being assigned the Imposter role in Among Us. However, it’s important to note that role assignment ultimately depends on random chance within the game’s mechanics.

What are the best among us mods for beginners?

According to the AMC Blog, some of the top Among Us mods suitable for beginners are the Sheriff Mod, Town of Impostors, Reviving Imposter, and The Haunted Mansion Mod. Additionally, Better Crewlink, Love Couple, Skeld, Cursed Mod, Stellar Roles, Town of Host, and TheOtherRoles are recommended.

Town of Host is a mod that enables players to utilize custom roles without the need to install a separate mod. However, it requires the host to have the mod installed, and it’s advised that all players familiarize themselves with any rule changes introduced by this mod. Some players suggest that Town of Host – Re-edited offers even more extensive game customization, featuring complex games, fake role claiming, and boasting over 80 roles.

How long does it take to install Among Us?

According to Playbite, Among Us can be swiftly downloaded on a standard broadband connection, typically taking only a few minutes. The game boasts a modest file size, ranging from approximately 70 MB to 200 MB for mobile devices and around 250 MB for Windows PC.

Alternatively, players can opt to enjoy Among Us without the need for downloading by leveraging game streaming platforms. These platforms facilitate gameplay hosted on cloud servers, enabling users to engage directly through their internet browser or dedicated app without consuming their device’s storage capacity.

What is Among Us?

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer social deduction game developed by Innersloth in 2018. It is accessible across various platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. In the game, 4 to 15 players collaborate to complete tasks while trying to identify and eject impostors before they eliminate everyone else. Key objectives for players include filling the group task bar, ejecting impostors, calling emergency meetings upon discovering dead bodies or suspicious behavior, and utilizing tools like the Admin map and Security cameras to monitor fellow crewmates.

Among Us has garnered several awards, notably the Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Video Game in 2021 and The Game Award for Best Multiplayer Game in 2020. Players engage in activities such as preparing their spaceship for departure, completing tasks to ready the ship, and swiftly responding to undo the impostor’s sabotages.

The game supports various modes including cross-platform multiplayer, LAN PvP, online PvP, LAN co-op, and remote play on phones and tablets. With its engaging gameplay and versatile multiplayer options, Among Us has become a beloved title among gamers worldwide.

What are the challenges in Among Us?

In Among Us, players face various challenges, including:

Visual tasks: These tasks involve activities like clearing asteroids, cleaning vents, and uploading data, which require attention and completion to progress in the game.

Chat: The chat option in the game can be exploited by players to send inappropriate content, disrupting the gaming experience and potentially causing discomfort among players.

Playing with strangers: Engaging in the online version of the game means interacting and playing with strangers, which can lead to unpredictable experiences and challenges in coordinating tasks and identifying impostors.

Additional challenges within Among Us include:

The Skeld: This map presents players with 14 tasks, including five visual tasks, adding complexity to gameplay and requiring careful navigation to complete objectives.

Impostors: Also referred to as the Seeker, the impostor’s objective is to eliminate all crewmates without being detected, posing a constant threat and challenge to the crew’s survival.

Body found: When a crewmate discovers a body, the game halts, initiating a discussion and voting phase where players must identify the impostor among them, adding suspense and strategic decision-making to gameplay.

Exchanging alibis: Crewmates must communicate, share evidence, and exchange alibis to deduce the identity of impostors, fostering teamwork and critical thinking skills among players.

These challenges contribute to the dynamic and engaging nature of Among Us gameplay, requiring players to utilize communication, observation, and deduction to achieve their objectives and emerge victorious.

How to play Among Us without download?

You can enjoy playing Among Us without the need to download it by utilizing game streaming platforms. These platforms enable you to access games hosted on cloud servers, allowing you to play directly through your internet browser or their dedicated application, thus saving your device’s storage space. For instance, you can engage in Among Us online via, a cloud gaming service that facilitates browser-based gameplay.

Moreover, enthusiasts have developed Among Us Online, a web-based rendition of the game, offering another option for playing without downloading. Additionally, you can experience the free mobile version of Among Us on your PC by employing an Android emulator like BlueStacks. Notably, the desktop version of Among Us, which is exclusively available for Windows, is devoid of advertisements.

Can I play Among Us for free?

Among Us is available for free download and play on iOS and Android devices, with optional in-game purchases and advertisements included in the mobile version. On PC, you can purchase Among Us for $5 on platforms like Steam or Alternatively, you can access the game for free through, a cloud gaming service that allows direct gameplay via web browsers. Additionally, you have the option to emulate a smartphone on your computer, install the mobile version of Among Us, and play that way. Another option is to request a gifted copy from someone on Steam.

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