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Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems Latest Version

Hero Wars
App NameHero Wars
Latest Versionv. v1.194.000
Last Updated
Requirements Android Android 5.0Android Android 5.0
Size 110 MB
ModsUnlimited Money & Gems
Google Playstore

3.5 Rating (754) Votes

3.5 Rating (754 Votes )
Price: $ 0
    • Unlimited Money and Gems
    • Unlimited Emeralds
    • Unlimited Everything
    • Free Shopping
    • Unlock All Heroes

Hero Wars is a free-to-play fantasy RPG developed and published by Nexters, initially launched on social media platforms in March 2016, followed by releases on Android and iOS by the end of the same year. The game, playable on web browsers, Android, and iOS, immerses players in battles against the Archdemon and his army.

In Hero Wars, players engage in various activities such as battling waves of enemies to earn experience points, thereby leveling up their heroes. They can unlock and upgrade heroes, solve puzzles to discover loot chests and claim rewards, and participate in multiplayer army guilds to train their heroes and share skills.

The game offers a simple yet captivating experience, drawing comparisons to GODS RUSH. Players gather items, emeralds, and coins throughout their journey, enhancing their heroes’ capabilities and progressing through the game’s challenges. With its accessible gameplay and intriguing mechanics, Hero Wars provides an engaging adventure for players seeking fantasy RPG experiences.

Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems Latest Version
Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems Latest Version

Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems Latest Version

Unleash the potential of Hero Wars Mod Apk, an exhilarating mobile game where you venture through a mystical realm teeming with heroes, villains, and endless battles. This modified version of the popular game introduces exciting new features and unlimited resources, enhancing the gaming experience for enthusiasts. If you’re eager to embrace your inner hero, embark on this thrilling adventure now!

In Hero Wars Mod Apk, players immerse themselves in captivating RPG gameplay. Assemble a team of formidable heroes with unique abilities and lead them into strategic battles against dark forces. With elements of role-playing, strategy, and action, the game offers an addictive and engaging experience reminiscent of acclaimed titles like “Brave Frontier” and “Summoners War.” Download Hero Wars Mod Apk now to delve into an exciting fantasy world.

Unlimited Money and Gems:

Enjoy the exhilarating advantage of Unlimited Money and Gems in Hero Wars Mod Apk. This feature empowers you to unlock a treasure trove of resources, enabling you to upgrade heroes, unlock powerful abilities, and conquer challenges effortlessly. With boundless wealth at your disposal, build an unbeatable team and pave your way to victory.

Unlimited Emeralds:

Experience the thrill of Unlimited Emeralds in Hero Wars Mod Apk. With this feature, your path to greatness is paved with boundless opportunities. Acquire rare items, summon powerful heroes, and strengthen your arsenal like never before. The limitless Emeralds allow you to overcome any obstacle standing in your way.

Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Gems
Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

Unlimited Everything:

Prepare to bask in the glory of Unlimited Everything in Hero Wars Mod Apk. This extraordinary feature grants unparalleled access to limitless resources, power, and possibilities. From currencies to energy, nothing stands between you and triumph. Forge an unstoppable team, conquer challenges effortlessly, and become the true hero of this epic saga.

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Free Shopping:

Indulge in the thrill of Free Shopping with Hero Wars Mod Apk. This exceptional feature allows you to acquire coveted items and resources without any cost. Enhance your heroes and gear as you desire, bidding farewell to limitations. From powerful upgrades to rare items, the world of Hero Wars becomes your personal shopping spree.

Unlock All Heroes:

Embark on an epic adventure with Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlock All Heroes. This feature grants you the power to assemble an unbeatable team of legendary champions from the start. Access every hero the game offers and unleash their full potential, forging a formidable force that conquers any challenge.

Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Emeralds
Hero Wars Mod Apk Unlimited Emeralds

Game Features:

Immersive Storyline: Dive into an epic narrative with stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, making you an integral part of the adventure.
Strategic Team Building: Craft the perfect team from hundreds of heroes with distinct skills and roles, planning compositions wisely for maximum effectiveness.
Engaging PvP Battles: Challenge players worldwide in intense PvP battles to prove your tactical prowess and earn valuable resources.
Guild Cooperation: Join or create guilds to collaborate with other players, conquer quests, defeat bosses, and reap collective rewards.
Hero Evolution: Witness your heroes’ growth as they evolve, unlocking new skills and increasing their power.
Daily Events and Rewards: Stay engaged with daily events, challenges, and rewards, ensuring a satisfying gaming experience.


In conclusion, Hero Wars Mod Apk offers a fantastic RPG adventure with customizable heroes, engaging gameplay, and competitive PvP battles. If you’re seeking an immersive and rewarding gaming experience, dive into Hero Wars Mod Apk and embark on your heroic journey now!

Hero wars characters

Here are some characters from the online RPG game Hero Wars:

Galahad: A starting hero known for his robust physical armor and high damage output. However, he lacks self-healing abilities and agility, making him vulnerable to sustained attacks.

Aurora: A knight like Galahad, Aurora serves as a supportive character and one of his romantic interests. She offers assistance to her allies on the battlefield.

Astaroth: A versatile tank/support hero accessible early in the game. Astaroth provides defensive capabilities while also offering support to the team.

Morrigan: Specializing in boosting Undead heroes, Morrigan utilizes skills such as Bone Armor and Moonlight to enhance the effectiveness of her allies within this category.

Ishmael: Acting as a supporting character and mascot, Ishmael has a backstory involving his father’s attempt to sacrifice him to evil gods. He brings unique abilities to aid his team.

Kayla: A damage dealer capable of inflicting Burn effects on enemies. These effects bypass Magic Resistance and Armor, making Kayla a formidable force on the battlefield.

Martha: Renowned for her exceptional healing abilities, Martha is considered one of the best healers in the game, providing crucial support to her allies during battles.

Celeste: Possessing the unique ability to switch between two different ultimate skills, Celeste stands out as a versatile hero. Both skills require only a 50% charge of the Energy Bar, allowing for strategic flexibility in combat.

Cleaver: Hailing from the Way of Chaos faction, Cleaver is a tank/control hero who can only be acquired through the Heroic Chest. He offers defensive capabilities and crowd control to his team.

Hero wars gifts

In Hero Wars, gifts serve as valuable rewards for players, offering various items and enhancements to aid in their gameplay experience. These gifts can be categorized into different types, each providing distinct benefits:

Boxy Gifts: These are periodic gifts provided by the developers, typically on a weekly basis. They contain a range of items such as Bottled Energy Gold, Chaos Particles, Pet Exp, Potions, Artifact Coins, Artifact Chest Keys, Chaos Cores, and Gift of the Elements. The Gift of the Elements enables players to enhance a hero’s primary stats using gold and Sparks of Power, granting significant bonuses when maxed out.

Gift of the Sanctuary: This special item is dedicated to upgrading a player’s pet to the next rank. For instance, if a pet is at the Violet rank, using the Gift of the Sanctuary will elevate it to Violet+1, thereby enhancing its abilities and effectiveness in battles.

Subscription Rewards: These rewards are available through subscription services and encompass a wide array of valuable items. They may include Portal Charges, Bottled Energy, Chaos Cores, Summoning Spheres, Artifact Chest Keys, Great Enchantment Runes, Pet Summoning Eggs, Chaos Particles, Skin Stones for primary attributes (Agility, Intelligence, Strength), Emeralds, Artifact Coins, Pet Potions, and Gold. Subscription rewards provide players with continuous benefits and resources to aid their progression in the game.

Overall, gifts in Hero Wars play a crucial role in incentivizing and rewarding player engagement, offering a diverse range of items and enhancements to enhance their gaming experience.

Hero wars strongford quiz 2024

The Strongford Quiz is a feature within Hero Wars where participants can earn Quiz Points and presents by providing answers to questions. In this event, players utilize Quiz Tickets to respond to questions, and they have the option to use 10 tickets simultaneously for a chance to receive 10 times the reward. Although there isn’t a specific time limit for answering questions, players are incentivized with bonus points if they answer correctly within a set timeframe.

The quantity of Lore Seeker’s Bags awarded to a player per Quiz Ticket varies based on the questioner:

Thea: 1 Lore Seeker’s Bag
Peppy: 3 Lore Seeker’s Bags
Cornelius: 5 Lore Seeker’s Bags
Various videos on the Strongford Quiz are available online, such as “How to Answer All the Quiz Questions Correctly in Strongford Quiz” and “Strongford Quiz! Obtain Additional Rewards After Watching This Video.”

Hero Wars download

To download Hero Wars on Android, follow these steps:

Open the Google Play Store.
Search for “Hero Wars” in the search bar.
Select the “Hero Wars Alliance” application from the search results.
Tap on the “Install” button.
Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
Once installed, tap on the “Play” button to launch the game.
To download Hero Wars on PC, you can use BlueStacks:

Download and install BlueStacks on your PC.
Open BlueStacks and search for “Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles” within the BlueStacks interface.
Click to install “Hero Wars – Fantasy Battles” from the search results.
Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
Please note that Hero Wars is an online game that requires a stable internet connection. It’s recommended to download the game only from official sources like the Google Play Store to avoid potential harm to your device.

Hero Wars login

Players can access Hero Wars by logging in with their email address and password or through their linked social network accounts such as Facebook or Google. To link these accounts, players can follow these steps:

Click on the Menu button located in the upper-right corner of the game tab.
Select the profile icon beneath the Galahad picture.
If players forget their password, they can attempt to reset it using the “Forgot password” button. Alternatively, they can try signing in with their Google or Facebook accounts.
Moreover, players can transfer their Hero Wars account to another device by adhering to these instructions:

Create a Google Play account on the new Android device and log in.
Download Hero Wars on the Android device.
Complete the tutorial.
Open the game settings and sync the game with the Google Play account if necessary.

How long does it take to beat Hero Wars?

According to, the average time required to complete the main storyline of Hero Wars in single-player mode is approximately 7 hours and 51 minutes. One Reddit user has estimated that progressing to the end-game typically takes around six months, though this duration can potentially be shortened with certain strategies.

Hero Wars features a main narrative known as the Campaign, which consists of 15 chapters in browser mode and 13 chapters in mobile mode. Each chapter comprises multiple missions, and players can enhance their heroes’ levels by engaging them in these missions or by utilizing EXP potions. EXP potions can be acquired through various means such as purchasing them from the Town Shop or earning them by raiding missions. Striving to complete campaign missions with maximum efficiency, such as achieving 3-star ratings, yields additional benefits, including the acquisition of free emeralds—considered the most vital resource in the game.

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