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Rise of Kingdoms
App NameRise of Kingdoms
Latest Versionv. v1.0.79.28
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Publisher LilithGames.
Requirements Android Android 4.4Android Android 4.4
Size1.2 GB
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5 Rating (1 Votes )
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Rise of Kingdoms, a free real-time strategy game available on mobile devices, was developed by Lilith Games and launched on April 2, 2018, for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Mac platforms. Drawing inspiration from history, the game encompasses 14 distinct kingdoms, engaging players in real-time battles within a dynamic day and night cycle. Players have the option to select from a roster of historical figures like Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Joan of Arc, and Kusunoki Masashige to lead their armies.

Within the game, players navigate their civilization’s journey from a humble clan to a dominant force, contending with natural obstacles such as rivers and mountain ranges on intricately detailed maps. The cover of night offers strategic advantages, allowing players to execute surprise attacks. Rise of Kingdoms boasts features including infinite zoom, lifelike battles, and expansive uncharted territories shrouded in fog.

By December 2023, Rise of Kingdoms had accumulated over $2 billion in revenue, solidifying its status as a commercial success in the gaming industry.

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

In the realm of gaming, where battle combats reign supreme, only a few manage to captivate the essence of gamers’ desires. Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK stands as a testament to this, offering an immersive experience of legendary wars and epic storylines. This strategic empire revolt gameplay allows players to choose from 11 civilizations, each with its unique strengths. With a roster of 34 powerful heroes, the fate of your kingdom lies in your hands as you navigate through relentless wars and forge alliances to emerge victorious.


Diverse Civilizations: Choose your kingdom wisely from a selection of 11 powerful civilizations, each with its distinct advantages and characteristics. Develop and enhance your chosen kingdom to its fullest potential, managing everything from infrastructure to military prowess.

Mighty Heroes: Command a roster of 34 formidable heroes, each equipped with unique skills and powers to aid you in battle. Strategically select and deploy your heroes to secure victories and unlock further enhancements for your kingdom.

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk Unlimited Money And Gems

Epic Wars: Experience relentless battles and conquer kingdoms as you assert your dominance in the realm. Engage in epic wars, one after another, utilizing your heroes and troops to claim victory and seize the treasures of conquered lands.

Alliance Formation: Join forces with players from around the world by participating in alliances. Collaborate with fellow members to defend territories and repel enemies, leveraging collective strength and strategic genius to ensure the survival of your kingdom.

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Resource Upgrades: Raid dungeons and kingdoms to acquire gems, sculptures, and other valuable resources. Utilize these resources to upgrade your commanders and heroes, enhancing their abilities and power to dominate the battlefield.

Varied Battlefields: Explore multiple battlefields set in iconic kingdoms such as Orthanc, Aragorn, and Minas Morgul. Immerse yourself in diverse gameplay experiences, each offering unique challenges and opportunities for conquest.

Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk Free Shopping
Rise Of Kingdoms Mod Apk Free Shopping


Embark on a journey of conquest and glory with Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK. Establish your empire, lead your troops to victory, and dominate rival civilizations as you ascend to supreme power. With unlocked features, unlimited gems, and boundless opportunities for strategic gameplay, the mod offers an unparalleled experience of epic warfare. Download now and immerse yourself in the ultimate realm of conquest and triumph.

Rise of kingdoms codes

As of February 2024, players of Rise of Kingdoms can utilize the redemption code “bds6q2s2a6” to obtain the following rewards:

100 Gems
1 Dazzling starlight sculpture
2 Crystal keys
3 Level 4 Tome of Knowledge
3 60-minute training speed ups
3 Silver keys
5 Level 3 Resource Chests
This code remains valid until February 29, 2024.

Additional gift codes available include: “AmqDQBeGkd,” “ah9vzgp0mi,” “rokpromo21,” “q51ajxwdzc,” “FB98L0WRFK,” “rokvictory,” “d725ig2acq,” and “ROKVIKINGS.”

There are also older redemption codes such as: “SbJ2LdG0,” “UyDU2Fx8,” “0dz2E1Rc,” “T5YKjOEZ,” “cvBuGifR,” “q2VNbXwy,” “pxxgiIDT,” “3aRxz4OS,” “ZT28p7No,” and “rcAMrllX.”

Rise of kingdoms best commanders

According to Rok.Guide, a reputable source for Rise of Kingdoms strategies and recommendations, the best commanders in the game are Richard, Constantine, Saladin, Yi Seong-Gye, Khan, and Alexander. Additionally, other commanders worth considering include Cleopatra for gathering resources, Charles Martel for garrison defense, Mehmed II for conquering and leading rallies, Sun Tzu, who is highly regarded as the best Epic Commander within the gaming community, Scipio for capturing cities, and Zuge, considered the top commander for Shadow Legion Outpost Conquer (SOC).

For players looking for free-to-play options, Joan of Arc and Lohar are recommended commanders. It’s worth noting that legendary commander sculptures can be obtained from various in-game events, the Expedition Store, Special Privilege Chests, and high-level VIP Stores.

These recommendations are based on the expertise and analysis provided by Rok.Guide, a trusted resource for Rise of Kingdoms players seeking strategic advice and guidance on commander choices.

Rise of kingdoms tier list

Richard, Constantine, Saladin, Yi Seong-Gye, Khan, and Alexander.

According to, the top five commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are Richard, Constantine, Saladin, Yi Seong-Gye, Khan, and Alexander. Harald Sigurdsson is also noted as a powerful commander for open-field battles, particularly effective against various enemies due to his skill set, which includes enhancing his attack and possessing other unique abilities suited for open-field combat.

There are several videos available on Rise of Kingdoms tier lists:

“Ranking the BEST Open Field Commanders | Rise of Kingdoms Tier List 2024” – A clip from episode one of the Ploto Pod.
“Legendary Investment Tier List [F2P & Low Spend]” – A video discussing the best kingdoms in Rise of Kingdoms.
“Commander Tier List – 2024” – A video focusing on the commander tier list in Rise of Kingdoms.
“WHO are the NEW BEST Open Field Commanders …” – A video detailing the open field tier list for 2024 in Rise of Kingdoms.
“WHICH Commander is STRONGEST? UPDATED” – A video providing a comprehensive commander tier list update for Rise of Kingdoms.
Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile MMO real-time strategy game inspired by historical events and figures.

Yes, Rise of Kingdoms is still popular, with over 50 million players who regularly play.

Rise of Kingdoms remains a prominent fixture in the gaming landscape, boasting a dedicated player base of over 50 million individuals who regularly engage with the title. Positioned as one of the foremost strategy games, particularly within the mobile gaming sphere, its enduring popularity can be attributed to a multifaceted approach to success.

Central to its appeal is an astute advertising strategy, consistently drawing in new players and sustaining interest among existing ones. Moreover, the game developers exhibit a commitment to innovation by continuously introducing updates and novel systems. Examples include the revamping of maps and commanders, ensuring that the gameplay experience remains fresh and compelling.

However, opinions regarding the game’s enjoyment and competitiveness are varied. While some assert that Rise of Kingdoms offers an engaging experience, particularly when played alongside friends, others critique its perceived monotony and the substantial time investment required to excel in competitive play.

In summary, Rise of Kingdoms’ enduring popularity can be attributed to its strategic advertising, consistent innovation, and expansive player community. Nonetheless, individual experiences may vary, with some players finding enjoyment and camaraderie while others encounter challenges related to time commitment and perceived dullness.

Which civilization is better in Rise of Kingdoms?

Certainly! Here’s a rewritten version of the information provided, adhering to standard writing guidelines:

In the popular strategy game “Rise of Kingdoms,” various civilizations offer unique advantages catering to different player preferences and strategies:

China presents a well-rounded option suitable for players at any level. With notable bonuses in both economy and military aspects, it provides a solid foundation for empire-building. The civilization boasts the Chu-Ko-Nu as its unique unit, capable of unleashing multiple arrows simultaneously. Newcomers often favor China due to its 5% building speed boost, aiding in swift progress.

Japan strikes a balance between city development and combat prowess, offering versatility in various situations. Its Samurai units excel in strength compared to counterparts but compromise on health. This makes Japan a competitive choice for players seeking a blend of offensive and defensive capabilities.

For free-to-play enthusiasts focused on account progression, Germany emerges as a prime choice. With a 10% increase in AP (Action Point) regeneration and 5% faster troop building, it facilitates efficient resource management and rapid military expansion. These bonuses make Germany a favored option among players prioritizing steady growth without substantial investments.

Ideal for players emphasizing resource production and commander advancement, Spain stands out with its 20% boost in resource generation. This makes it particularly advantageous for players adopting a Farm account strategy. Additionally, the civilization accelerates commander leveling through enhanced experience gain, enabling quicker progression in leadership skills and abilities.

Each civilization in “Rise of Kingdoms” offers distinct advantages tailored to diverse player preferences, ensuring a rich and dynamic gaming experience.

I hope this meets your requirements! Let me know if you need further adjustments or additional information.

Is Rise of Kingdoms addicting?

Opinions on Rise of Kingdoms vary widely. Some argue that its addictive nature stems from its clever blend of easy progression, appealing visuals, and engaging events, keeping players hooked. Conversely, critics highlight the potential for negative experiences, such as placing newer players in advanced kingdoms, which can disrupt others’ enjoyment.

Detractors label the game as a time sink, warning that players may regret investing countless hours once the novelty wears off. However, proponents counter that even free-to-play participants can derive significant enjoyment from the game.

In summary, Rise of Kingdoms offers a mixed bag of experiences, with some finding it captivating and enjoyable, while others caution against its potential downsides. Ultimately, individual preferences and playstyles determine whether players view it as a worthwhile pursuit or a regrettable time drain.

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